More Than Just “Tall Tales” & “Fish Stories”

Hear what some of our guests are saying about their visit to Grosse Savanne Waterfowl & Wildlife Lodge:

"I had the opportunity to go with my friend, mentor and legendary photographer, author and muck master  C. C. Lockwood to an area in SW Louisiana that the owners are hoping to develop its eco-tourism potential.  They have two rookeries on their vast properties.  One is in Sweet Lake and the other is at their beautiful lodge Grosse Savanne just off Big Lake...There we found a beautiful cypress marsh abounding with nesting Great Egrets, Great Blue Herons, Tri colored Herons,  Night Herons,  Anhingas, Cormorants, Roseate Spoonbills and more ( as well as a few critters that were not avian!).   We saw hatchlings of all but the Anhingas and Spoonbills-but that is only a matter of days before they will hatch...An added treat was watching the egrets acrobatically battle the storm winds."

- Steve Uffman - Baton Rouge, LA

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"It is our opinion that Grosse Savanne Lodge is at a level that is measurably above other operations in your industry. We are able to hunt and fish at different places around the country and it is special to have something like GSL so close to home. The more we go, the more we want to go back."

- Patrick Beaullieu - Lafayette, LA

"It is hard to express how impressed we were and the clients were with Grosse Savanne-both the lodge and the overall experience (entertainment areas, accommodations, food, staff, saltwater fishing).  Everyone agreed it was the nicest place they had been.  You really have a first class establishment."

- Thomas G. Smart - Lafayette, LA

"... Grosse Savanne Lodge, a large white plantation style building in the middle of this blackness ... Talk about feeling at home!... It was very modern but comfortable, and definitely lodge motif ..." - Roy Campbell, Travel Writers To Go - Murphys, CA

“This is my third year in a row. My son and I plan to keep this Christmas tradition going indefinitely”
- Rhodes Hart - Nashville, TN




"... thank you for including me on the outstanding Grosse Savanne hunting, fishing and dining extravaganza.....The Lodge is the finest hunting and fishing outfit in Louisiana and as you know, over the past 40 years, I have been to a lot of them…”

- James L. Weiss, Attorney – Metairie, LA

“Best Orvis lodge ever visited of the 10 Orvis lodges I have visited. The saltwater Fishing was spectacular!”

- B. McMarlon – Washington, DC

“First rate saltwater fishing operation. Best ever visited in Louisiana.”

- Don Dubuc - Louisiana

“Best hunting and fishing lodge in U.S.”

- David L. Ewing - Port Jefferson, NY

“5 star operation.”- Stephen G. Abshire, M.D. – Lafayette, LA


“I have hunted ducks for 70 years. This is the finest lodge, ducks, guides, personnel, owner & equipment in my long career as a hunter.” - E.C. Johnston, Jr. – Longview, TX


“…Outstanding, great, excellent, superlative, tremendous, magnificent, accommodating, knowledgeable, fantastic, and distinguished are words that I use to describe my recent visit to Grosse Savanne….”- Smith Dewlen – Centertown, MO

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